Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Week One Recap

The first week of NFL play resulted in some surprises. First off, it's looking like I was correct in my statement that the AFC North would be the toughest division. The Steelers, Bengals and Ravens all got big wins. The top teams in the NFC looked none too impressive. The Panthers got rolled at home by the Falcons. I understand Steve Smith didn't play, but if this team is that good, they still should have been able to win that game, or at least make it competitive. The Seahawks kick three field goals to the Lions' two, and that's the game. Not good. The Cowboys got beaten by the Jaguars and the Giants got beaten by the Colts. The last was the most excusable. Also, the Eagles shouldn't get too excited just cause they beat the Texans. Boy, are the Packers awful.
In the AFC, a safety on J.P. Losman was the difference between the Patriots and the Bills. Meanwhile the Broncos lost to the Rams. Two of the AFC's elite have to get better. I'm also not sure what to draw from the Titans losing at home to the Jets. Are the Jets a bit better than I thought or Titans worse?
I caught a glimpse of the Fox pregame show and all their hosts (Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson, Howie Long and Joe Buck) picked NFC teams to win the Super Bowl. It looks like they were far off. But, it's only the first week, so we can't draw that many conclusions.
I'm worried about my prediction of Nick Saban winning Coach of the Year after his boneheaded attempt to challenge Heath Miller's touchdown. He waited forever and then lightly tossed tossed the flag where no one could see it. He's got ground to make up if I'm to be correct.


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