Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Not my own, mind you, but the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's. Two letters in yesterday's edition stood out to me.
Sen. Santorum was very well-informed about Social Security, health care, terrorism, economics and other issues that were discussed. I was first impressed at how well he knew those subjects but even more impressed when he had the solutions to the problems that our state and country face.

Yeah, he's so well-informed he thinks WMD's were found in Iraq.

Ask yourself this one question: Why are the most disgraceful politicians of our time coming from the Democratic side of the aisle? Those who shamelessly blame our president for this war we now face instead of our enemies. Those who continually try to derail our country's efforts while stabbing her soldiers in the back as they fight for our freedom and way of life.

Democratic politicians don't give a damn about our brave soldiers in harm's way or about the future of this nation. They only want one thing: their power back.

If you really think the Democrats, whom I am no great fan of, are the sleazier group who will do anything for power, I have five words for you: Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.


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