Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Week 4 Recap

One game I was looking forward to this past weekend (with the Steelers on a bye) was the Chargers-Ravens game. I certainly wanted San Diego to win, but I was more interested in seeing if these teams are as good as their records. Both were undefeated, but had played only winless teams. Everyone looks great while they're beating up on the Raiders, as both had done. I wanted to see who could come out and establish themselves as a legit contender by beating the other. After how close that game was, I'm still not sure.
The Bengals got their first loss, being demolished by the Patriots, who refuse to lose two in a row. They got dominated for the second week in a row after the Steelers game. New England just didn't cough the ball up five times. Cincy has no idea how to tackle running backs. Willie Parker and Laurence Maroney consistently stiff-armed bigger defenders to the ground.
Carolina Panthers may finally be hitting their stride as they hand the Saints their first loss. I think now is about the time New Orleans comes back to earth. The Colts-Jets game almost had a finish that would have put Stanford-Cal to shame. Anyone noticed the Jets are 2-2? In their two losses they remained pretty close to the Colts and Patriots. They might be decent. Eric Mangini could get Coach of the Year at this rate.
Chicago Bears may have gotten the biggest win in the absolute thrashing they put on Seattle. The defense is obvioulsy good, but the Bears offense is the pleasant surprise. Rex Grossman and Bernard Berrian are playing really well.
The St. Louis Rams may be the worst team with a 3-1 record. Kansas City got their first win by handing the 49ers one their worst losses in franchise history.
Minnesota is not as good as I thought. Miami is not as good as anyone thought. Losing to Houston; Ouch. Albert Haynesworth apparently decided the Titans' play wasn't disgraceful enough, so he went and stomped on Dallas center Andre Gurode's exposed noggin, forcing him to get 30 stitches. Haynesworth will watch the next five games on television.
Cleveland beat Oakland in a game between teams as bad as you would want to see. God, the Raiders are awful.


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