Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Week 2 Recap

After two weeks of play, some questions still remain in the NFL. The Carolina Panthers dropped their game against Minnesota, and panic may set in soon for one of the NFC favorites. Despite Steve Smith's absence, there is no way they should be 0-2. The defending Super Bowl Champs didn't look so super against the Jaguars either. The Steelers managed only 153 yards on offense and were shut out. Jacksonville played fired up, and the Steelers better get used to that because they now have a big bullseye on their jerseys. The Bengals will be every bit as, if not more, fired up in week 3.
In my season preview I stated the Washington Redskins offense would go nowhere behind old man Mark Brunell. Four words come to mind with that prediction; I told you so.
The New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles looked to be swapping spots from where I predicted they'd be, until that fantastical role-reversal with the Giants terrific comeback. The Eagles also lost Jevon Kearse for the season, so they get a double-whammy. This could be a big blow in spite of the very nice addition Donte Stallworth has been thus far. Miami and Tampa Bay are looking far from the playoff teams I predicted they'd be, meanwhile Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are looking much better than I thought.
The Saints are 2-0, but they played the Browns and Packers. Let's see how they fare against the Atlanta Falcons this week. Seattle is 2-0, but it's not a very impressive 2-0. The same goes for the New England Patriots. Baltimore Ravens at 2-0 haven't played a good team, but they beat the bad ones decisively. Kansas City Chiefs season is going down the drains and Larry Johnson, the first pick in most fantasy drafts, will not see the huge numbers his owners want.
Tennessee Titans should probably start letting Vince Young get all the playing time he can handle. Good God, the Oakland Raiders are awful.


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