Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tony Snow Says One More Dumb Thing on His Way Out of the Door

I really don't want to be mean to Tony Snow since it appears he may be dying of cancer. But I do need to take umbrage with something he said when announcing his resignation.
Snow, 52, battling cancer, said he was stepping down because he needed to earn more than his $168,000 White House salary an amount far less than he made as host of the "Tony Snow Show" on Fox News Radio and "Weekend Live with Tony Snow" on the Fox News Channel. "I ran out of money," said Snow, the father of three.

Okay. I understand you made a lot more schilling for the President on the radio and Faux News. But a lot of people just ceased feeling more sorry for you as you dismiss a $168,000 annual salary as not enough. People who earn a lot less than that still get cancer. People who earn less than $20,000 annually can get cancer. And I also bet you get pretty good health care working at the White House. You defended a White House that did nothing to help the poor uninsured and underinsured get affordable health care. We keep our arcane, privitized health care system in this country that can bleed a lot poorer people dry when illness hits. You and your bosses did nothing, Mr. Snow. Do you think about that at all when you realize $168,000 isn't enough? Do you wonder how people with less do it?


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